What I'm looking for and why I'm qualified to do it

What I'm Looking For

My ideal position is a fully remote Director of XR UX Design at your company pushing the bounds of immersive spatial computing and thriving on the bleeding edge of what is possible with XR/AR/VR technologies. I strongly believe the next wave of computing is spatial computing and I want to help shape that future alongside you. Tools are required to get us there. Tools that anyone can use to be productive wherever they are at.  I want to ultimately lead a team of designers to design those tools and empower users in ways they can't even imagine today. I want to be the voice your users and partner with your product team to deliver exactly what your users need based on thorough research, prototyping, user testing, and relationship building with our user base. Not every company is going to have an XR UX Design team and that's okay! I can help build that team from the ground up for you if needed due to my extensive worldwide XR network on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why I'm Uniquely qualified for this role