Project Details

This project came about as a new feature to handle deductions (shortpays and overpays) in a cash application web app. The ask was to have a way to assign imported payor deduction codes to client-specific codes so that their ERP can ingest it properly.

The solution required three screens to accomplish:

  • One for reviewing and assigning deductions manually called Deduction Review
  • One for finding payors with unmapped deduction codes called Find Payor
  • One for reviewing and assigning or changing mapped deduction codes so that they would not need to be reviewed for future payments, called Deduction Mapping

This project was user tested and went through 7 rounds of design iterations (listen, user test, design) before the final version was handed over to development to build and release.

  • Client Billtrust
  • Created by Nate Girard
  • Completed in 2016
  • Skills Prototyping / User Testing