Mobile Deposit Capture

Project Details

This project was designed to be a mobile check capture and deposit native app for the Android OS. The purpose was to allow delivery drivers the ability to deposit checks directly into the client's cash application system whereby saving days of processing time.

We started our journey with some quick whiteboards sketches to get the team on the same page.

Whiteboards moved quickly into some rough wireframes and discussions about user flow.

The flow seemed simple at first but we were able to simplify it a good deal further and eliminate some unneccesary screens by merging features after a few rounds of internal reviews and user tests.

Then I built the high fidelity prototypes and we started user testing with those. After 15 different iterations (listen, user test, design) we finally ended up with a version we could hand off to development to build from. Ultimately it was built exactly to the prototype spec and deployed on the Android App Store successfully.

  • Client Billtrust
  • Created by Nate Girard
  • Completed in 2016
  • Skills Prototyping / User Testing