What my perspective of the future looks like

My Vision

I am driven to create a world where 3D asset creation has been democratized, where creativity is not impeded by complex tooling. I seek to shorten 3D production time exponentially to make designers more effective at producing assets than ever before. I work to equip an army of designers with intuitive, user-friendly tools required to usher in the next era in 3D spatial computing. I believe this goal can be achieved by leveraging machine learning to automate parts of the 3D production pipeline to make seamless transitions between states of creativity in virtual space.

Designers work in many different ways. Software needs to adapt and accommodate the whims of creativity and empower the artist to work at whatever level of detail or conceptualization modes their creative minds wander. By offering designers and artists multiple avenues to express their creativity, they retain control over their time and resources to achieve maximum output with precisely the level of effort they are comfortable investing.

The spatial computing era is nearly upon us. Devices are being iterated on every day to bring augmented reality into our daily lives. To make them viable, we must empower creators to build the assets for the necessary experiences that are coming. It will require collaboration across multiple disciplines and business lines to bring all of the necessary components of the user experience into a cohesive, seamless flow. Together we can make this vision real and change the face of computing forever.

My qualities in a nutshell